Protected: Fellows and Friends – The Holiday Album

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. Read More »

Traveling with a Video Crew

Our own Editor and Art Director Lope went to Chile last year. And a camera crew appears to have joined his group. If you’ve ever wondered... Read More »

In Doug Freeman We Trust

Doug Freeman is a multi-talented Austin hero. The former Austin Chronicle writer, and current occasional columnist,... Read More »

Rad Tunes for you, from Desiree Mata

Photo Credit: Max Marshall

Part two of this illustrious effort by our... Read More »

Friendly Sounds Series: Ron Berry

July in Texas is… hot. The temperature climbed up quickly in May and has been inching... Read More »

Zarouhie Abdalian doesn’t have a favorite word.

Set for the Outside

Zarouhie was in town on an artistic... Read More »

Behind the Cover: An Interview with Monocle Magazine’s Tyler Brûlé

Early last year, as we strolled the streets of London, we decided to take... Read More »

Ultra Secret Sneak Peek: The Gopher – Volume 2

Hello! As some of you might know already, some months ago the... Read More »

A sweet musical landing in Dënver, Chile.


Chilean wonder-duo Dënver (as they say, “the band, not the dinosaur”, whatever that means)... Read More »

Elle Lefant is pachyderm-style indie pop

Continuing with the habit of interviewing bands that find their name inspiration in the Animal Kingdom, this... Read More »

Storming back in: Guy Yanai shows his (new) goods

So, you know when you have this friend, this awesome friend whose life you’re so... Read More »

Crochet as [badass] Medium.


Crochet art comes in more forms than just your grandmothers artfully studied bunny-patterned sweaters. As amazing... Read More »

Neon Gold Records kind of hearts Destiny’s Child

Interviewing labels like Neon Gold – inspired, ambitious and genuine lovers of music – is... Read More »

Tunes straight from the mouse’s house


Bronzerat Records is a UK-based independent netlabel. With the amazing and creative talent a metallic musical rodent... Read More »

Electric Graffiti: Art and Light take over power station


After bracing myself against wind and sand, I see the massive, hulking shell of a building. Its white... Read More »

Merrill Garbus: playing Tune Yards with musical rompers

TuneYards Myspace

Merrill Garbus is a lovely example of the power of one + friends. She decided... Read More »

The SZ gives us music in B+W


In the audiovisual era of today, it is definitely not new to experience music both through eyes and... Read More »

Making Rob Gordon proud in the blog era.


Proyecto Playlist is the brainchild of Ma. Elizabeth (Marie) Hernández and the... Read More »

Zoom in. Focus. Click.


It was a rainy summer afternoon when I discovered her in the attic above my mother’s... Read More »

Of Cannibals and Color: Louie Cordero

Exhibition View

While the expression “art that haunts you” is... Read More »

Tasty, tasty Trastienda

We continue our series on netlabels with one we’ve followed for a while.... Read More »

Romeo Alaeff shows us his tapeworm


Brooklyn-born global dweller Romeo Alaeff is an artist. Any sort of... Read More »

Nick van Woert drips into our cave imagination


I always suspected that bats and rats and strange cave-dwelling animals have their very own theme... Read More »

The first 14 minutes and 23 seconds of the Gopher Illustrated !


Dear friends,

As many of you know by now, this Friday at 8:35am the first print edition... Read More »

Franke James is Drawing a Greener Conscience

Posting about climate change and a green conscience may strike some as preachy, and we at the... Read More »

The wonderful world of Denis Carrier


Denis Carrier is the mind and hands behind Studiofolk, source of a bevy of... Read More »

Pick a Piper makes us wonder about drums


Having made the (admittedly very basic) Internet rounds it’s clear that Pick a Piper... Read More »

Carol Salmanson’s light and refraction


Some of the Gopher staffers grew up surrounded by Op and Kinetic art: stripes of fluorescent... Read More »

Julia Haltigan’s cure for boredom

People, papers and Julia herself tell us that Julia Haltigan’s musical family, a hundred-piece... Read More »

Uncomfortable topics and Julio Ramirez’s many hats.

NAL Locations scattering

Writer and filmmaker Julio Ramirez is not just a friend but also... Read More »

Retrato Robot gets us all mixed up


Super Lambada en Hollywood

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or... Read More »

The tallest man on earth is freakishly good.


Tallest Man on Earth - Burden of Tomorrow

Audio clip: Adobe Flash... Read More »

Aquiles Hadjis a visual hunka-love


Just like that. Aquiles-Hadjis-is-the-shit. This is an unashamed, blatant post of love and imagery about... Read More »

The Handmade tale of Lido Pimienta

Lido Pimienta 5

Lido Pimienta is a mother, an artist, a singer-songwriter,... Read More »

Ana Pais Oliveira’s Strange Dwellings

New Strange Place to Live

New Strange Place to Live

We fell in love... Read More »

Flying Lotus shows his Nintendo bleeps


GNG BNGFlying Lotus (Los Angeles)

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version... Read More »

Freddie Stevenson needs our supreme indifference


Freddie Stevenson, the English-born singer-songwriter is a self-taught musical genius. Freddie gives his listeners the kind of... Read More »

Sneak Peek: Lay Flat 02

_Our dear friends at Lay Flat, an incredible magazine about photography, are releasing their second edition titled Meta. The concept? We’ll just give it... Read More »

Jimmy Turrell Cuts and Paints

Jimmy Turrell - 001

For the Gopher follower ... Read More »

Candy Claws are Coming to Town


When the Candy Claws told us they wanted to visit The Gopher on their Read More »

Hi Ho Silver Oh: On State Lines and the Internets

Communion – Put It All in One Place and Burn It

Audio... Read More »

Wondering about Pulp and Ré


Simple fact: every time that we Gophers are not capable of finding something... Read More »

Philippe Intraligi / Bauhaus, TV and Hot Soup


Philippe Intraligi is a German-born, Brazil-interning, New York-dwelling, Graphic Designer whose impressive client includes Telecom... Read More »

The Sound of Arrows Whooshes By


The Sound of Arrows – Winding Roads (Danger/2008)

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player... Read More »

Swiss Design beyond Müller-Brockmann: Billy Ben

Billy001-pinpong2Born in Fribourg and designer from the cradle, Bénédict M. Rohrer is... Read More »

Snuggle Up with Candice Tarnowski

After taking a tour through Candice Tarnowski’s works on her website, reading that she was born in the Canadian Prairie seemed almost obvious. Tarnowski’s... Read More »

Toro Y Moi / Omnipresent


Toro y Moi – Causers of This

Audio clip:... Read More »

Philosophy / Jesse Prinz’s Surrealist Embarassment


With all these music and art and design posts, we couldn’t resist waxing philosophical. On a recent... Read More »

Gonduras: Critters, and Self Exposure


Gonduras Jitomirsky is a self-taught photographer, illustrator and all ’round artist living and working in Tel... Read More »

Music / Candy Claws Sweeten the Deal

Candy Claws

This one time I went Scuba Diving. I was thirteen, and and I felt like... Read More »

Interview / Stephen Ledwidge makes us blush

Anna Livia

Receiving and reading submissions is probably one of my most favoritest things to do. Usually,... Read More »

The Sound of Lucrecia / Congost


The Sound of Lucrecia
Ara from the album Congost

Read More »

El Diente de Oro


In this enormous world few galleries-cum-shops are loved by the Gopher team as much as El Diente... Read More »

In search of Emmanuel Polanco

Emmanuel Polanco

Like many of our posts, we owe this internet-find to our incredible clumsiness.... Read More »

Ulises Hadjis is irresistible

Ulises Hadjis

Ulises Hadjis

Lunes (nuuro remix) - Remixes 2009

Audio clip: Adobe... Read More »

Interview / Shane Lavalette Talks Shop


Shane Lavalette is a Photographer. He lives in Massachussets, shoots everywhere else, often waking... Read More »

On Politics: The Left in Latin America


Kyra Choucroun is one of the founders of The Gopher Illustrated and a political fiend (try and... Read More »

Panther Touches our Sounds

Panther 001

Love is Sold (Lips and Ribs remix) Entropy, 2009

Read More »

Young Studios brings the flashcards


So far, the Eye Candy section has featured design, photography, painting and... Read More »

Gentle Friendly / drone the pop way


Gentle Friendly begins as an environmental experiment in instrumental hodgepodge. After a friend rescues a... Read More »

Story Time with William Giraldi


The world is ending, and every page of every magazine ever printed has self-destructed – burned, BURNED!... Read More »

Mark Weaver we love you very much


A couple of weeks ago we started our annual “things we’re suckers for” list with... Read More »

Rita Indiana y Los Misterios /

Rita Indiana
El Blu del Ping Pong by Rita Indiana y Los Misterios

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Interview / 18 questions for Mike Cina


- What lessons have you learned from working in design and within the art scene of Minneapolis?

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Shaken: Experiencing Dan Auerbach


Friend and Gopher-writer Dylan Shrader came up with an idea for a review format. Early on, us... Read More »

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