Nick van Woert drips into our cave imagination

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I always suspected that bats and rats and strange cave-dwelling animals have their very own theme parks among all the rock and humidity and general yuckiness of those holes in the ground. Obviously, I mean, how could all those little larvae looking creatures grow to be so scary without a little bit of formative fun, a cavernous-christmas if you will. On second thought, maybe I’m thinking about that recurring dream that made my parents drag me to the school counselor for about a year. Anyways, Nick van Woert proves that I was right and they were wrong and that there is nothing crazy about dancing rodents in a hidden wonderland. (Nick, get in touch with us. I have an idea for an  AWESOME documentary)

It seems that Mr. van Woert is a man of few words, so I’ll tell you what I know. He’s in his early thirties, lives in Brooklyn and was born in the state of Nevada (further proof! There’s caves in Nevada! And candy colors!) His work seems to come back to the practices of building large and strange structures made of wood and metal, and of dipping stuff in paint, and repeating until an awesome stalagtite-like structure forms. Needless to say, I love it.  Anyways, this post is not for any of you, though you’re free to look at my own personal trainwreck, but for you Señorita Lopez. HAH!








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