Aquiles Hadjis a visual hunka-love

Posted on March 2nd, by Lope Gutiérrez-Ruiz in Eye Candy. 2 comments


Just like that. Aquiles-Hadjis-is-the-shit. This is an unashamed, blatant post of love and imagery about our most recent entry in that narrow category called art we can’t live without. And, to make it even more tempting for our dear readers, a fact of disturbing awesomeness: here’s the only place in the whole wide internets where you can find some of the work that Aquiles is doing currently at Tokyo. Because not only is he an astonishing painter, he’s also the kind of gentlemen of the arts who finds in seclusion the space for inspiration. And that means not that many journalists on your doorsteps. Beyond his method for madness, here’s another bold statement: Aquiles is destined to be a hugely famous painter; his work, a mixture of Japanese Edo-inspired painting and abstraction, leaves the onlooker confused, wondering about materials, techniques and whatnot, but also about levels of discourse and subject analysis. Even more, he’s currently working on incorporating antique techniques of Japanese craft into artworks that go beyond the two-dimensional, so be ready to hear more about him in the upcoming months.

Aquiles not only kindly accepted the invitation to feature some of his work at this website of yours, but also joined us for the first edition of the Gopher, doing some amazing illustration work for William Giraldi’s “Legend Has It” and “Famous Lesbians” stories, so be sure to check his work [ i.e. buy the magazine at our soon to be ready store ] and be among the firsts to hold a copy of some of Aquiles’ published works. Below this lines, some of our favorite works, salut!



















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