El Diente de Oro

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In this enormous world few galleries-cum-shops are loved by the Gopher team as much as El Diente de Oro. The “Diente” is a beautimous project located in Buenos Aires and founded by our longtime friend PIAN, along with musician Coni Cibilis. It is a shop, a gallery, an engine for all sorts of cultural activities and for many a traveller, a place to feel comfortable: it has one chair, one small sofa, one door and one bathroom [ though the bathroom is closed until further notice. ] True be told, there is no particular reason to talk about the Diente today* but you shouln’t feel like you’re shit out of luck and assume that you are stuck with a crappy post with a bunch of photos of the galleryshop. No, siree. This post forshadows an interview with the Dientes further along in the expanse of that thing called time. For those of you in Buenos Aires [or internet travellers who plan to google-earth the place] the ever-helpful address: Malabia 1311 – Palermo, and the even handier e-mail and websites: eldientedeoro@gmail.com / facebook / blogspot / flickr. Now, enjoy them photographs:


Diente de Oro – yes, it is usually, le full.


Another shot of the Diente, the yellow-clad being PIAN.


Just in case you missed her, there is PIAN with photographer Florencia Alvarado and designer Piktorama.

Diente006A couple of flyers from previous exhibitions.


Making it do what it do.


An image from Chu’s exhibition.


Visitors [ buyers maybe? ] to the Justina Canton exhibit.


Some Kelvion Osorio.


And let’s not forget the shop part of it.

– – –

*This is a lie. Today, October the 15th, it just so happens El Diente de Oro opens the exhibition of Argentine graffitti artist Pum-Pum, whom not only we adore but is the subject of the promised interview. PIAN was kind enough to remind us of the opening, hence we toast for all you Diente followers who will be surely indulging into some wine-drinking, then meat-eating, then tango-dancing in Buenos Aires: salud!

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