Rad Tunes for you, from Desiree Mata

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Photo Credit: Max Marshall

Part two of this illustrious effort by our dear, talented friends in Austin comes from a tall tower downtown. Desirée is a multi-talented music master and footwear enthusiast who zips around town in her aqua-colored scooter. That she let me ride once. And it was awesome.


Desirée’s set is a change of pace from R-Berry’s beautiful playlist, and may coax some ill-advised moves out of the less graceful citizens of the world. But enough about us. Desirée ‘with an accent’ is a Venezuelan entrepreneurial soul. From a very early age, she was exposed to different cultures and cities around the world. These experiences helped her grow and shaped her as someone who always maintains an open mind and consistently seeks new opportunities. Presently, she works at one of the most creative ad agencies in Austin as a translator, copy editor and, since 2010, a successful event planner. Always innovating and coming up with new ideas, she of course has more than a few projects in mind, but her most current creative undertaking is Shoe-Gaze, a website dedicated to music and personal style that she and partner Rohin Bhalla developed. “Heavens, how?” you ask? The idea for the site was born while the two were standing in line during SXSW. Shoe-Gaze was launched in 2011 and is quickly gaining popularity as an international collection of street fashion that creates a new path for discovering music.

And now, la música.

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  1. Any Which Way – Scissor Sisters
  2. Round Clocks – Pollyester
  3. Going Out Again – Electrelane
  4. The Bay – Metronomy
  5. Into The Valley (feat. Karl Dixon) – Classixx
  6. Never Heal Myself – Cults
  7. 16th and Valencia Roxy Music – Devendra Banhart
  8. I Walk Alone – Music Go Music
  9. Glass Deers – Braids
  10. Bury Us Alive – Startfucker
  11. Escapee – Architecture In Helsinki

Download the entire playlist for more portable fun.


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