Candy Claws are Coming to Town

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When the Candy Claws told us they wanted to visit The Gopher on their Online World Tour, we were excited to learn what an online tour was. We asked them hopefully “does this mean the band plays live on our website? ” and they were like no you simple gopher dontcha know anything at all?” and we were like “well then what is it?” and they were like “we make a new exclusive video featuring one of our songs for each destination we visit” and we were like “oh, yay!” Okay, this conversation didn’t actually happen – they are the un-meanest people you’ll ever email – but the basics are correct. We received our very own Candy Claws original video two days ago and have not been able to keep still. So here it is, along with some words from the duo.

Snowflake Eel Wish – Candy Claws Online World Tour – Day 18 from Candy Claws on Vimeo.

“It’s so nice to be here in Venezuela and also the UK! It’s new science! This is Day 18 of our Virtual World Tour for “In the Dream of the Sea Life.” Today we are excited to give you a video for Snowflake Eel Wish, eighth song on the album. Here we’ve arranged footage from 1957’s “The Incredible Petrified World,” in which you can “see women trapped in fantastic caverns at the center of Earth!” We have left those parts out so you will go rent and buy the movie, but we’ve included the haunting scenes of the Glowing Sea Port. Will it last another 52 years? Let’s find out together.

You can stream the entire album, read reviews, and pick up a copy (digital or physical) at Indiecater.

Visit our blog to catch up on the tour and see a full list of dates and links.

Tomorrow we’re off to Status Magazine in the Philippines. Thanks for watching, see you soon!”

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