Havalina: Like Javelin with an H… in Spanish

havalina We met Manuel Cabezalí when he was touring with songstress Russian Red in a room papered... Read More »

Take a peek: Jessica Hische

spca-revLope, our Art Director, is a type freak. Longtime editor of Platanoverde Magazine in Venezuela,... Read More »

Meet Matilde

We posted this interview last week, and like the elusive lens of the most sneaky it disappeared before we realized it. So once again we bring... Read More »

Op3rador means “Op3rator”



Epa Chapela

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It’s Just Vanity
Oh Kiddo, You Don’t Even Know

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play... Read More »

Talking Shop: “Global” Explained.


We have been hard at work putting together our zero issue (which you will be able to... Read More »

Matt W. Moore


Our last post in this section ended in attributive mystery, so this one is titled and linked... Read More »

Happiness in the Kitchen

We Liked This

We Liked This

Oh, but how we’d be thrilled to... Read More »

Dylan Shrader


Let’s test this thing, shall we? This one features our friend and Appalachian-dweller Dylan Shrader, who will... Read More »

Strictly Speaking

We are all about the words. And the design. And the, well, everything else. Send short fiction , and article / chronicle... Read More »

This Page is being built!


Much ado about style, a crash course on css and we’re on the interwebs! This page is... Read More »


I thought I’d upload some lovely behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot. Featured are Lope G-R and yours truly. Vanity’s a real bitch.

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We’re up?

gopherpizarritaAfter a weekend – and lets face it, more than one skipped workday – we are done... Read More »

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