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Big and Bold and Bad-ass

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17th February

Our visit to the Rob Roy Kelly American Wood Type Collection this week (a collection! and you can use it!) has us reeling with an aesthetic inspired by the specimens: “hard angular forms that reflect mechanical origins”. Big and bold, …

Crochet as [badass] Medium.

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5th November


Crochet art comes in more forms than just your grandmothers artfully studied bunny-patterned sweaters. As amazing as those are, now that it’s getting colder, and since my grandmothers most certainly do not knit, my sweater-loneliness has found solace in the …

Of Cannibals and Color: Louie Cordero

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16th July

Exhibition View

While the expression “art that haunts you” is applicable to plenty of artists, we must admit that when the imagery of the artist is built on skulls, decaying corpses and the re-visiting of deities, well, the results tend to get …

Nick van Woert drips into our cave imagination

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2nd July


I always suspected that bats and rats and strange cave-dwelling animals have their very own theme parks among all the rock and humidity and general yuckiness of those holes in the ground. Obviously, I mean, how could all those little …

The wonderful world of Denis Carrier

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4th June


Denis Carrier is the mind and hands behind Studiofolk, source of a bevy of wonderful, unfussy and clever illustrations. We imagine him exactly as he describes himself – his work mirroring his persona, and according to him, even his …

Carol Salmanson’s light and refraction

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12th May


Some of the Gopher staffers grew up surrounded by Op and Kinetic art: stripes of fluorescent color, geometric forms of dubious contours and beams of tinted light were part of our childhoods in the Caribbean. Given our record, it is …

Aquiles Hadjis a visual hunka-love

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2nd March


Just like that. Aquiles-Hadjis-is-the-shit. This is an unashamed, blatant post of love and imagery about our most recent entry in that narrow category called art we can’t live without. And, to make it even more tempting for our dear …

Ana Pais Oliveira’s Strange Dwellings

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11th February

New Strange Place to Live

New Strange Place to Live

We fell in love with the woozy, eerie colors of Ana Pais Oliveira’s work immediately. Twenty-eight year old Ana has had a busy year, receiving a bevy of prizes and being a part of the …

Sneak Peek: Lay Flat 02

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26th January

_Our dear friends at Lay Flat, an incredible magazine about photography, are releasing their second edition titled Meta. The concept? We’ll just give it to you straight from the horse’s mouth “Meta brings together the works of contemporary …

Jimmy Turrell Cuts and Paints

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22nd December

Jimmy Turrell - 001

For the Gopher follower [ we love you! ] this won’t come as a surprise: we effing love collage. Tonya Harding + Tokyo + Macrame we like. Velázquez + The Maharishi + Oscar D’Leon we like even more. So, as …

Wondering about Pulp and Ré

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30th November


Simple fact: every time that we Gophers are not capable of finding something on the Inter-webs the same intense feeling pervades us. We feel like huge, clumsy sea-boats, incapable of capturing the hands of  small, marooned people. Or small marooned …

Snuggle Up with Candice Tarnowski

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17th November

After taking a tour through Candice Tarnowski’s works on her website, reading that she was born in the Canadian Prairie seemed almost obvious. Tarnowski’s media – textile and installation – are rooted both in the highly cerebral and in …

Gonduras: Critters, and Self Exposure

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28th October


Gonduras Jitomirsky is a self-taught photographer, illustrator and all ’round artist living and working in Tel Aviv. We befriended him on a website and were captivated by his critters, but know little about him except the amazing self-description he posted …

In search of Emmanuel Polanco

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12th October

Emmanuel Polanco

Like many of our posts, we owe this internet-find to our incredible clumsiness. We search, we fail and in failing find something radically more exciting. Emmanuel Polanco is an illustrator who works in France, whose work we recognize from Philosophie

Young Studios brings the flashcards

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27th September


So far, the Eye Candy section has featured design, photography, painting and work that is beautiful and belongs – in one form or another – in the pantheons of the artworld. This very special and highly experimental edition (I fear …

Mark Weaver we love you very much

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3rd September


A couple of weeks ago we started our annual “things we’re suckers for” list with an [ adorable ] website that looked like an old computer desktop. Today we bring you the second installment of the series: things we’re …

“Le Grand Content”: A Clemens Kogler oldie

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13th August

Le Grand ContentAn old favorite of the Gopher, the Le Grand Content video is something we have bumped into in many different times and places. A document on the omnipresent PowerPoint culture, it reminds us that advertising agencies, sales teams and strategy …

Meet Matilde

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6th August

We posted this interview last week, and like the elusive lens of the most sneaky it disappeared before we realized it. So once again we bring you the work of Matilde Travassos, a fashion photographer by trade who is …

Matt W. Moore

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4th July


Our last post in this section ended in attributive mystery, so this one is titled and linked for your derivative viewing pleasure. According to his website, Matt (can we call you Matt?) just had a solo exhibition named “Parallel Universe” …

Happiness in the Kitchen

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4th July

We Liked This

We Liked This

Oh, but how we’d be thrilled to preach on a saturday. Point being, we saw this and liked it, so we post it and a link  – with regards – to the source:


EDIT: It seems …

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