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We posted this interview last week, and like the elusive lens of the most sneaky it disappeared before we realized it. So once again we bring you the work of Matilde Travassos, a fashion photographer by trade who is living in Lisbon. She has agreed to answer our every curiosity.

Picture 3 13-07-291. what lessons have you learned from living in Paris?
Leaving in such a cosmopolitan city, I was closer to the fashion world, witch was really good to improve my fashion photography work. Personally it was a great experience living with people from different cultures, made me have a different perspective of the world.

2. what is the best party you’ve ever been to and why?
I think the best party was the MTV europe music awards 2005 after party in Lisbon, the music and the space were amazing!

3. who do you try to channel through your photography? what are your main inspirations?
My inspirations are in personal experiences and art, but it’s something that i dont think about, it’s natural, all my personal experiences and visual knowledge are put in my pictures instinctively.

4. what draws you a subject matter?what makes you take a picture of something? what attracts you to the subject of a photo you want to take?

In my personal work, i like to catch a moment that for me is visually really intresting and special, sometimes i walk for hours and i don’t get anything.
In my fashion work, it depends on the concept and the subject, with the make up artist and the stylist we work for hours to get the perfect picture, for the make up the model and the clothes!

5. what is one thing you want to achieve as a photographer?
I want to make my living from fashion photography and later be also recognize by my fine art work!

6. Can you draw your most prized possession?
It my lucky charm teddy bear necklace!

7. How do you approach intimacy in your photos?
By making photography my life

8. What kind of interpretations of your work do you tend to hear the most?
That it’s really me

9. Is there an interpretation of your work you disagree with?
I never disagree, because for me every interpretations and critics are constructive to me.

10. List your favourite things about Lisbon
The weather
the people
the light
the food
the history

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