_first we learned that Louise Fili, Steven Heller and Read More »


_now that days are sunnier we long for some Yukata Sone around us.


_remember that soccer team we mentioned about a month ago? We’ll it also has painter Read More »


_on the word windows and its many meanings: Taiyo Onorato + Nico Krebs.


_from Bethlehem, PA to Brooklyn, NY: David Brandon Geeting.


_our new Thursday hero: Jessica Walsh

Ultra Secret Sneak Peek: The Gopher – Volume 2

Hello! As some of you might know already, some months ago the... Read More »


_a must-read rejection letter: from editor Brian Doyle [ University of Portland Magazine... Read More »


_that thing about March and color: Todd Chilton.


_first thing we thought when we saw Daniel Diggle‘s website: this guy’s British!


_it is our opinion that Adam Sorensen should make the artwork for Read More »


_it’s March, you’re in Honolulu and you bump into “Comforter” by Read More »


_staring at Scott Foldesi‘s work, not looking at the keyboard, feeling at... Read More »


_cant. stop. listening: police scanner and hypnotic drone music mashed up = you’re... Read More »


_free typography Friday! this time: Banda by the amazing Read More »


_science that’s not about results, but rather about personalities and processes:... Read More »


_today we remembered the work of photographer Jeff Chien-Hsing Liao, thanks to... Read More »


_on sock-knocking and Brazilian publicações artesanais à instalações gráficas: Base-V


_why do we keep bumping into Cerotrees‘ website? What do you want from us?


_happy weekend everybody! have some beautiful illustrations by Deanna Halsall for your travels!


_if being in NYC in the Spring is not enough reason to hop on... Read More »


_relief sculptures made using found photographs of the same place taken at different times Read More »

_today we were completely stunned by the work that Heatherwick Studio presented at Read More »


_the “Lions in Bangalore” series is definitely something we want to... Read More »


_you Nicholas Feltron, should have some coffee with some Gopher Magazine editors that... Read More »


_coming back to America: “ Ghost Riding involves walking or dancing alongside a... Read More »


_the GridLondon’s “Takeaway Box” is one of the most amazing brochures we’ve sen in... Read More »


_wow we just found out that we’re on a soccer team with the Read More »


_hey is it me or we haven’t shared the link for the amazing Read More »


_is Chen Zhuo in continental China or abroad?


_the series “Corporate Franchise Architecture and the National Landscape” is something you should definitely... Read More »


_say YES to Cincinnati !


_our friend Estelle Hanania has a new book! This time it is about her... Read More »


_probably you’ve seen this around, but in case you haven’t: the Grand Taxonomy of... Read More »


_here “Motherland” means India, India and contemporary arts.


_corrupt images like this one and more at Pekka Niittyvirta‘s portfolio website.


_do take a minute to check this amazing animation by Read More »


_free typography Friday! : FTF Ahlan Ve Arabez by Fizzetica DepokAsiana.


_finally we know who made the video that we saw at the Parc de Collserola in... Read More »


_do you know who moved into Alvin Lustig‘s studio in NYC after he passed away?... Read More »


_Shane Lavalette’s excellent Lay Flat facebook page disappeared due to a glitch, do join... Read More »


_music Monday indeed! listening once and again to Diamond Rings, specially this... Read More »


_the Gopher and its co-editor Lope Gutiérrez-Ruiz are featured in Wired... Read More »


_what an amazing set of images: “El Pardo” by Carlos Sanva [ more to... Read More »


_what a way to finish today’s work: Matt Lipps cuts!


_”Darkness within Darkness” by Howard Fonda, we salute you.


_and since yesterday was about music and being late: Sorry I’m Late by Read More »


_how is it possible that we’ve never recommended Ghostly International‘s amazing podcast, the Read More »


_as simple and effective as B&W and Futura: Jason Drakeford.


_the folks at House Industries have just put up a trailer for their... Read More »


_the categories in Gina Tuzzi‘s portfolio website: drawings, paintings, projections, sculptures, beards.

A sweet musical landing in Dënver, Chile.


Chilean wonder-duo Dënver (as they say, “the band, not the dinosaur”, whatever that means)... Read More »


_free typography Friday! today: Roke 1984 by Juan Ramon Pastor (Wete), you can Read More »


_things we do repeatedly: as soon as we enter a portfolio website we go to the... Read More »


_never too early to talk about night and light: Klara Källström.


_and with the Monday, a couple of tunes under three minutes and over 45 years... Read More »

_slowly waking up and thinking about the legend of Ts’ang-chieh (仓颉) who created the... Read More »


_ha! Jirayu Koo! we meet again! and once again, we adore your work!


_free Typography Friday! : Soraya from the folks of Form Conspiracy.


_have you ever been to I am a Thai Graphic Designer? We can’t remember... Read More »


_besides being an amazing designer, Timba Smits is also an editor: he publishes the... Read More »


_patterns, “tasteful neon” and the art of surface patterns. Hello Kirath Ghundoo.


_we’ve drooled over Ty Wilkins work before. Here’s some awesome new stuff!


_we absolutely adore this clip of Marty Robbins singing Devil Woman [ and... Read More »


_his name is Don Bob Thompson.


_we don’t know where this is but word is Andrew Neyer‘s opening an artspace... Read More »


_the kind of amazing stuff that we found in our e-mail: Mikko Rantanen.


_hey Jude (of Starkville, MS)!


_what can you do with that old typewriter, you say? Write poems on it? What are... Read More »


_four words: the geometry of pasta.


_this is awesome because we may or may not be guilty of making geometric... Read More »


_the London-based Sara de Bondt is much more than a graphic designer, sometimes... Read More »


_this series of a superhero grandmother by Sacha Goldberger is absolutely amazing (and greets... Read More »


_hum, second time in less than a month that we follow a link straight to Read More »


_ now I kind of wish that all fashion editorials were drawn by the ladies at... Read More »


_where have we seen Artemio’s gun-mandalas before?


_apparently developed by Place studios in Argentina, Sudamerica is a type with a message:... Read More »


_free font Wednesday! this week: Color Lines by Anton Gridz.


_memory’s incomplete anyways, so look at these painted snapshots of Nadir Figueroa Mena‘s Medellin.


_”in early 1971 Sun Ra was artist-in-residence at University of California, Berkeley, teaching a course... Read More »


_broadcastr, that brainchild of the folks at Electric Lit is launching tomorrow. Not gonna... Read More »


_hey and since we’re talking about internet, if you have a friend in... Read More »


_one of the best projects we’ve seen in years: some friends are buying a... Read More »


_”i hate perfume” says Christopher Brosius, so he’s bottling experiences. Like the smell of... Read More »


_we ended up with one of these postcard-sized prints by Rand Renfrow. Turns out, it’s Rand... Read More »


_it’s no secret that we can’t wait to get Granta’s “Best of Young Spanish Novelists” (Best... Read More »


_designer Matt Stevens told designers in Dallas to work for free last month. And... Read More »


_obsessed? We’re not obsessed! Obsessed is such a strong word, man. (okay, we reeeally like Read More »


_the latest issue of Kaleidoscope just landed in our mailbox ,... Read More »


_”her art is both humorous and sentimental while exploring her love for nostalgia” – Read More »


_among the freakiest portfolio websites we have seen in a while: Matthew Ronay.


_does anybody know what typography was used in the Great Western Studios website? we... Read More »


_Eleanor Rudge is an illustrator based in Brighton blah blah, look pretty, colorful mountains say hello!... Read More »


_free typography Friday! today: Matilde Font, with a free patterns and frames set!

Elle Lefant is pachyderm-style indie pop

Continuing with the habit of interviewing bands that find their name inspiration in the Animal Kingdom, this... Read More »


_we stumbled upon these drawings from one mysterious Carl of BlackHarbor and Read More »

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