About us: The Gopher Illustrated emerges from the desire to consume hefty, satisfying cultural content that is worth keeping. We envision a cultural publication in which content is associative, obsessive, ludic and endures in time. Instead of covering the current and the immediate – staples of the internet era – we aim for stories, pieces and ideas that take time, are globally local and ultimately timeless. The “Gopher” is leisurely but is composed of meticulous, opinionated, crafty, original work within its obsessively designed pages. All content is contextualized within networks of meaning; offering internet-like margin content and text and visual add-ons. We believe it is our right as readers and as cultural consumers to access content that is meaningfully and thoroughly addressed without imposing categories of cultural rank. We showcase visual arts and thoughtful journalism without pretense. The Gopher wants to be a cultural item. It is well written, well researched and designed to be a collectible. Unlike ordinary collectibles, however, our project is interactive; the magazine requires the reader to complete its pages with images – stickers – enclosed. In this sense, each unit is unique and is only finished once the reader completes it, even if the stickers end up on a completely different surface. Ultimately we want to create a magazine that will live in your shelves. A collectible in motion.

The team:

Michu Benaim / Founder & Content Editor: michu[at]gopherillustrated.org
Lope Gutiérrez-Ruiz / Founder & Content Editor lope[at]gopherillustrated.org
Alexander Wright [ MODO ] / Graphic Designer extraordinaire: alex[at]modovisual.com
Juan Pablo Garza / Photo Editor: juanpablo[at]gopherillustrated.org
Max Marshall / Photo Editor


For inquiries and general praise [ or disdain, if you must ] please email us at info@gopherillustrated.org


We are all about the words. And the design. And the, well, everything else. Send short fiction, literary reviews, cultural article proposals, visual art portfolios – including but not limited to typography, painting, graffiti, illustration, design, mixed media- and proposals for reports, journalistic pieces and chronicles to submissions@gopherillustrated.org. Please take a look at our call for submissions PDF.


For all advertising enquiries, both print and digital, please write to advertising@gopherillustrated.org, or you can download our full Media Kit.


Thank you! thank you! thank you! please, continue your noble pursuit in our beautiful shop, there you’ll find one-year and two-year packages, all waiting for you – did we mention that a Gopher Subscription is the perfect gift for those who like reading or even looking at pictures? and that the mag smells like pure heaven? and that if you’re not into paper you can go ahead and download our digital versions? Beautiful stuff! For any questions on subscriptions, present or future, please do write to subscriptions@gopherillustrated.org


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What's on the menu?

What's in this thing, you ask? Well, we've got images, and features, and interviews, and articles, and short bits, and long bits, video posts, sound posts, lists and series, the local, the worldly, the controversial, the inane, and sometimes, if you look closely, the not-fit-for-print (which, of course, we'll just print anyways). Mostly old stuff, and new stuff. You know... the usual.


Visual deliciousness, it’s what’s cookin’ at out TUMBLR page.


_we can’t help falling in love with the branding for Toronto’s Power Plant contemporary art gallery.


_motion graphics wunderkind Joshua Catalano was born in Landerneau (where Breton is still spoken!), and is now...