Protected: Fellows and Friends – The Holiday Album

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Traveling with a Video Crew

Our own Editor and Art Director Lope went to Chile last year. And a camera crew appears to have joined his group. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like... Read More »


Visual deliciousness, it’s what’s cookin’ at out TUMBLR page.


_we can’t help falling in love with the branding for Toronto’s Power Plant contemporary art gallery.


_motion graphics wunderkind Joshua Catalano was born in Landerneau (where Breton is still spoken!), and is now based in Paris.


_being a TED Fellow has been without a doubt one of the most important experiences... Read More »


_ as you gear up for turkey gobbling, consider the lovely printed matter. The FPO Awards... Read More »


_it was done over a decade ago, but we’re still completely in love with the Mended Spiderweb project... Read More »


_as simple as possible: Larissa Kasper lives in Zurich and studies visual communication. She’s also a good... Read More »


_we’re digging Jae Rhim Lee’s TED Talk on her Read More »


_we’re late to this funeral but mourning none the less: Colophon is officially over.

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_last week at the TXContemporary we met the lovely folks behind Cosmocosa‘s art space in... Read More »


_before you go to sleep: Joan Saló.


_busy week for Mario Wagner: yesterday he published a new website and on Monday announced a... Read More »


_our dear Nathan Rothstein sends word of his latest project, in which “people raise money for the... Read More »


_artist Hidenori Mitsue shows who’s boss.


_today we met some fine folks from Austin Beerworks. Be sure to check out their rad website... Read More »


_magazines worth taking home: Lucky Peach, by Momofuku‘s David Chang.



_you know you’re a fffound nerd, when you start talking about images as if they were... Read More »


_we WANT: Lufthansa + Graphic Design by Jens Müller and Karen Weiland (via Read More »


_spending time in Europe this fall? The Curators Network might be an interesting resource for you.


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_trust us, you’re going to love this song / video: Max Romeo‘s Protest to Read More »


_it has been a while since our last free typography Friday, but we’re back with the amazing Read More »


_”this is my website, there are many like it, but this one is mine” Yes, we really like... Read More »


_word of the day at the Gopher HQ: rigmarole! Wonder what is NOT a rigmarole? Michael Bojkowski‘s Read More »


_we’re sure you have seen it already, but in case you haven’t: Stephen Tillmans Read More »


_”the Isolated Building Studies are the visual confluence of my interests in urban dynamism, socioeconomic inequality and photography. By... Read More »


_Libya! Monday and Islam Zawawi.


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_obsessions we share: Mohican, Tomsk, Ruwe, Conté, Pyramid and 141 other... Read More »


_there’s not a lot of information on Si-Chan Park out there: he was a student of... Read More »


_one of our favorite typefaces of the year: YWFT S3 by Norrasak Ramasute, from Thailand.


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_the impenetrable mind (and website) of Joshua Kolbo.


_the RE-tooling program “considers the most relevant methods for supporting knowledge development” with an emphasis in residencies. Collab... Read More »


_today we bumped into an article titled “Matthias Hoch – To the Beat of the Techno-Systems“,  after... Read More »

In Doug Freeman We Trust

Doug Freeman is a multi-talented Austin hero. The former Austin Chronicle writer, and current occasional columnist, has also co-authored... Read More »


_together, hard at work: Richard Perez made this beautiful artwork for the second installement... Read More »


_today a post for the Spanish-speaking crowd: Blanca Haddad is not only one of our dearest friends,... Read More »


_what’s up with Glasgow this week? Sandy Smith lives in NYC now but G-city is all over... Read More »


_even if we couldn’t even begin to imagine how Genadii Berёzkin‘s name is pronounced, we like his work.



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_we like Freytag‘s photography, but we adore Berg Design‘s brochures. Is this how Glasgow looks like?


_the new edition of Ácido Surtido is out now, the theme... Read More »


_”how can we avoid fictionalising this reality?” This and other uncomfortable questions, present in the work of portuguese photographer... Read More »


_sad news for the design world: Alex Steinweiss died today.


_today we had a lovely chat with Devon Dikeou, founder of the mammoth-size Zing Magazine.

Rad Tunes for you, from Desiree Mata

Photo Credit: Max Marshall

Part two of this illustrious effort by our dear, talented friends... Read More »


_illustrator Karan Singh runs the beautiful Pig Bimpin’ blog from his homebase in... Read More »


_today we had a blast watching Shohei Shigematsu‘s architecture talk at TED Global, also... Read More »

Friendly Sounds Series: Ron Berry

July in Texas is… hot. The temperature climbed up quickly in May and has been inching ever closer to... Read More »


_Amilcar sent word about this VBS vid shot in Caracas, which is the perfect way... Read More »


_designer Adam Parks have been making Illuminated Mixtapes for four years now, each... Read More »


_in Mexico we trust: Javier García has some great work.


_we just found out about Wrap Magazine, a quarterly designed to be used as wrapping paper... Read More »


_” examines humans’ relationship to land formations of cultural construction, namely that of the ‘border’ and/or ‘wall’[... Read More »


_aaand we’re back! After a crazy week working on the release party of our second volume, we’re... Read More »


_”…when he painted The Kiss Klimt was 45 and still lived at home with his mother... Read More »


_if planning to delve into the Texas art scene, look no further than Might Be Good... Read More »


_we don’t know what to like most: Ben Pieratt‘s logos or the amazing projects that carry... Read More »


_applications for the TED Fellows Program are open again! Deadline is July 25th, so check out... Read More »


_you, Suzy Poling, caught our attention as soon as you said these words: “photographs of mental... Read More »


_and since we’re talking about Barça: our buddies at No-Domain rock the motion / print / audio... Read More »


_after a little over a year without activity, the Rojo® Artspace Barcelona is back! They’re presenting... Read More »


_last week we went to the amazing exhibition of Claire Falkenberg at Read More »


_his personal site reads “this site will return in a new mutant form at an unspecified date”, in other... Read More »


_for those of you who enjoy a Dwell-like life : the... Read More »


_it reads: “Torbjørn Rødland is to photography what the Pet Shop Boys are to pop music: a... Read More »


_Layflat folks send word: they’re releasing two amazing artist book editions [Dune... Read More »


_we were looking for dotted lines and 8-bit chutzpah and we found Melvin Galapon.


_one of the most amazing features we’ve ever seen in a portfolio website: Paul Sahre‘s “regrets” include... Read More »


_tumblr Tuesday time: Non-Clickable Item is a visual goodie bag


_school may just be too cool for you, thanks to some magicking by Dietwee for Hogeschool Utrecht

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Zarouhie Abdalian doesn’t have a favorite word.

Set for the Outside

Zarouhie was in town on an artistic mission back when... Read More »


_looking for something beautiful to hang in our office walls: Kellie Talbot‘s typographic paintings definitely make... Read More »


_if you feel like you must download something today, download McNair Evans‘ photography portfolio zine [... Read More »


_the url says longliveanalog, but Chad Kouri‘s work means much more than that.


_we know he’s a superstar already, but we wanted to end the week on a high note: Read More »


_it reads: “Colma is the only city in the United States where the dead outnumber the living. Cemeteries make... Read More »


_take that, stupid Ikea shelves: Andreas Gysin and Sidi Vanetti.


_from (early 20th Century) Japan, with love. And awesome.

Gopher Magazine + Teleportal Readings + Total Unicorn

Do watch in fullscreen mode! / Para ser visto a pantalla completa!

More info / Más info:
Teleportal Readings
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_today we published a brief recap of some of the stuff we’re working on, do check it at the... Read More »


_”my first foley kit” and “how to run an airport” are among some of the works art-directed by  Read More »


_it reads: “George Boorujy attended the University of Miami in order to pursue a career as... Read More »

Behind the Cover: An Interview with Monocle Magazine’s Tyler Brûlé

Early last year, as we strolled the streets of London, we decided to take the opportunity to... Read More »


_ending the week with a bit of colorful sound and vision: Moonwalk Films.


_”Adrienne Miller is a Nashville-based artist whose work deals with themes of secrets, memory, and shared... Read More »


_a public service announcement for our dear readers in Brooklyn: world-famous Two Arms Inc. is a neighbor of... Read More »


_we’re doing two collaborative projects at the Fusebox Festival 2011, one of them is with Read More »


_in honor of the breadless wonder-week that rhymes with flassover: Psychedelic Judaism brings the tunes.


_tomorrow is Record Store Day! Support your local shops!


_week’s almost over and Richard Wood‘s all over our office.


_truth be told, we don’t remember who told us about Maria Theresa Keown‘s work!


_why we love mail: today we got to know the work of Sergio Membrillas, illustrator extraordinaire.

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_VW must be one of our favorite sculptures by Giles Round. Period.


_our beloved Senior Designer Alexander Wright was featured in Design Work Life! also, he... Read More »


_trying to do some illustrations, failing miserably, envying Gary Taxali.


_tough times for the Prada-Marfa installation by Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragse.

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_music Monday and the press release says it all: tropical bass tunes for ya’ll – Sunsplash.


_once a month, free typography Friday, this time: Hyperbola by Tarin Yuangtrakul [ via Read More »

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Visual deliciousness, it’s what’s cookin’ at out TUMBLR page.


_we can’t help falling in love with the branding for Toronto’s Power Plant contemporary art gallery.


_motion graphics wunderkind Joshua Catalano was born in Landerneau (where Breton is still spoken!), and is now based in Paris.