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It’s Just Vanity
Oh Kiddo, You Don’t Even Know

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Following our fabulous first post, this idea of letting bands who send us their MP3’s and photos describe themselves has grown on us. So much so that we’ve expanded the concept into a little show-n-tell section for musicians: they send their project’s info, some music and a photo. The catch is that they must also send a review and some music (a link, in its defect) of another band. And so our dear friend Lou from the band It’s Just Vanity, being the sport that he is, agreed to this little experiment resulting in the stuff you see, read and hear below.  Bands reviewing other bands – the potential for pure magic is making us salivate. The catch for us? We don’t get a say… in anything. A blissful path to editorial madness.

Cover Art

It’s Just Vanity is an ambient math rock band from Chapel Hill, NC. By way of Chicago and the Garden State, It’s Just Vanity is the result of six years of songwriting. Members Louis Erazo and Kelson Fagan met in high school and have been creating music since that has traversed many eras and genres of rock music. Influenced from bands like American Football, Explosions in the Sky, Cursive, and containing ambiance, blues and rock, It’s Just Vanity creates a sound that has been received by many as catchy, genuine and powerful. We’ll be on tour starting in August. You can check their myspace for more info.

Love and Reverie
North Carolina/Virginia

Calls back to the early 2000’s indie pop rock that are the influences of so many current bands. Songs like “Think Gravity”, Money” and “Patience” contain all the melodic driving forces seen in bands like Copeland and Death Cab for Cutie and capped with powerful guitar chords and ringing leads. Music transcends and flows into each part seamlessly and keeps the listener captured to the music. Heavy breakdowns and ringing catchy guitar one liners stick in your head with high smooth clean vocals coating each song making it a perfect blend of melody, hard rock and ambiance. On tour now through September.

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