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Music / Candy Claws Sweeten the Deal

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26th October

Candy Claws

This one time I went Scuba Diving. I was thirteen, and and I felt like an idiot with all the gear and the flippers and the mask on top of the awkwardness of being thirteen. That is, until I got …

Talking Shop: “Global” Explained.

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20th July


We have been hard at work putting together our zero issue (which you will be able to flip through in our nifty PageFlip on our “magazine” section) several issues have come up surrounding the idea of spaces. Spaces as in …

What's on the menu?

What's in this thing, you ask? Well, we've got images, and features, and interviews, and articles, and short bits, and long bits, video posts, sound posts, lists and series, the local, the worldly, the controversial, the inane, and sometimes, if you look closely, the not-fit-for-print (which, of course, we'll just print anyways). Mostly old stuff, and new stuff. You know... the usual.


Visual deliciousness, it’s what’s cookin’ at out TUMBLR page.


_we can’t help falling in love with the branding for Toronto’s Power Plant contemporary art gallery.


_motion graphics wunderkind Joshua Catalano was born in Landerneau (where Breton is still spoken!), and is now...